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Community Acupuncture w/Sound Bath

This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of healing and self care. You will get to choose a treatment that best suits you at the time. Either a NADA protocol, a 3rd eye treatment that will help you vision for the future and connect with higher consciousness, or the new Clarity pattern that aims to assist you in getting clear on a life decision you don't feel clear on. (More info on the patterns below)
Special Guest: Chris Wilkinson from High Vibration Therapies will take you on a soundscape journey. You will have full permission to surrender deeply into the experience of sound alchemy and deep relaxation. Guiding you into your senses for a balancing of mind, body and spirit. 

The layout:

*3.15pm - Arrive (please ensure you arrive before 3.30pm)

3.30-3.45pm - Guided 10min meditation and overview of the treatment options.

3.45pm- 5pm - Healing w/ live sound bath

5pm - 5.30pm - Tea, cold drinks, cake and relax

5.30pm - Finish


Option 1-
Detox and relax

5 points in the ears known as the NADA protocol, which has been shown in numerous clinical settings to be beneficial in the process of detoxification. This can be a very deeply relaxing treatment.

Option 2-
Vision and Awareness

A powerful 3rd Eye Activation treatment consisting of 5 needles specifically placed on your forehead in a diamond shaped pyramid using 5 Esoteric Acupuncture points. Two isosceles triangles are formed in this pattern: a fire masculine/active triangle pointing upwards and a water feminine/receptive triangle pointing downwards. Balancing the yin/yang in the body. A pyramid is formed creating a subtle spinning field radiating in a circular clockwise motion assisting in the opening of the third eye.

Option 3-

This is a powerful esoteric acupuncture harmonizing pattern. Its intention is to assist the client in recognizing his/her personal path in this life as well as bring clarity to setting goals and life decisions. 

There is no need to talk about past experiences or talk to discuss a treatment protocol. We can save that for a full comprehensive session if you wish to arrange one. You can decide on the day after a chat what option you choose to take.


Cost: $40


There is a 1pm session the same day to book CLICK HERE

Bookings essential as there is a limited number of spots. Every previous event has sold out. 

Cancellation Policy: No refund within 7 days. More than welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else.

Note: At times there will be live meditative music being played.

Later Event: March 8
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