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Stillness in Motion

  • 350 Ninderry Road Ninderry, QLD, 4561 Australia (map)

Winter instinctively tells us to slow down. When you look at Autumn with the leaves falling and Spring with the flowers blooming you could consider not much is happening. However, this is a very potent time of the year. I say this beacuse under the ground there are seeds incubating just waiting to be birthed. 

Winter is the peak of the yin time. A time the water element of the Kidney and Bladder systems govern and willpower and determination are needed, so that we may look within ourselves and look at our deepest fears. This is needed to have a greater understanding of our true self on a deeper level and reflect on the interactions we have in the outer world. 

My daily practice and how I teach moves a lot with the seasons. In Autumm I increase pranayama to strengthen the detoxoning process and bring awareness to what I need to let go off (lungs and large intestine). Winter is a time where you can gain immense insight into how you want the upcoming seasons to look like for you. To go within through stillness and silence so that you can recieve insight of your deepest of hearts desires. To plant that seed of intention in Winter so that it will incubate and blossom in the upcoming seasons. 

This is a half day workshop that will support your Kidneys and Bladder (yin/yang) paired systems of winter and be one with the Water element. To find stillness in all of our movements in daily life so that we can be more present, mindful and truly listen. 

This half-day workshop will include:

  • Yoga practice
  • Qi gong exercises related to water element
  • Mindfulness walk 
  • Meditation
  • Fire circle 
  • Herbal tea and snack

To book:

This workshop will commence at 2pm and conclude around 6pm. If you have any questions feel free to call Trent on 0429044187 or email:

If you are having financial difficulties please feel free to contact me to discuss options. 

You can also visit my website at:

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