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Men's Re-wilding Workshop

This event is created by Men for all and any Men! So if you consider yourself a man then this workshop is for you man!

In case your wondering this Re-Wilding work shop is not about making you scream like a wild tribal warrior in order to release that inner rebellious child running your life.  But, thats not to say you wont? However, you will learn to identify limiting beliefs that hold you back from being more authentically awesome.

And, its not about sitting in lotus postion breathing in the cosmos while touching infinity as you gain ultra spiritual status! But you will learn some pretty sweet breathing techniques that are scientifically proven to boost your immune system and bio - hack your way into deep restorative states, and you can totally do them lying down. 

Nor is it about getting naked with a bunch of blokes and hugging trees while vibrating the universal Ommmmmmmmmm! But, there will be an ice bath in which you’ll most likely vibrate a few other universal sounds while reaping the many physiological rewards of cold thermogenesis! 

And we wont make you feel inadequate cause you cant touch your toes or bend your body like a pretzel in active wear! Though you will learn some immensely therapeutic practices designed to release excess tension and stress chemistry to get you moving more freely. 

All in all our intention is that you walk away feeling more ALIVE with a greater sense of agency to affect change in your life that serves the best version of you, whatever that is.  At the very least you will walk away with a few more strategies in your tool kit that make you feel more ninja like, with a whole lot to think about and a bunch of resources to delve deeper.

This is a day where you show up with whatever you got, engage however much you want, leave what doesn't fit, take what you will and use it however you please.

So on the 17th of Sept if your not out hunting riding the wild brumby you tamed hunting with the eagle you trained while wearing the pelts of the wolves you killed to protect your family then coming to this workshop is probably the most manly thing you could be doing!!

Serioulsy though, bullshit aside its going to be a great bullshit free day!

Spaces are Limited so get in on the action and join four genuine blokes on the adventure as we dive into the realms of:

  • Re-Wilding as a lifestyle strategy to reclaim sovereignty over our health.
  • Cold Thermogenesis the “Ancient Pathway” and the Wim Hoff Method (WHM) for activating invincible health.
  • Stretch Therapy (ST) to strengthen joint integrity and re-pattern range of motion. 
  • Reflexology techniques to engage the human spring and unlock free kinetic energy.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices to cultivate male Jing.
  • Tremor Release Therapy (TRT) to facilitate stress release and induce deep meditative states.

This event is BYO Lunch. There are cooking/heating and refrigerating facilites at the centre. A healthy nutrtious morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

See you there man.


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