Earth the Season To Replenish

Earth is the 5th season in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the central pivot along which the other seasons unfold. At the end of each season the Earth element has a role to replenish the season as the energy goes back to the Earth for regeneration.
The Earth organs are the Stomach (yang) and Spleen (yin). You might think of the spleen as the equivalent of the pancreas, producing enzymes and helping secret insulin and glucagon for blood sugar regulation.
Through tonifying and strengthening the Stomach and Spleen you directly tonify and strengthen the other organs. Reflecting the huge importance it is to come back to your centre and ground at the end of each season. Particularly late Summer which is from mid February to March.  This is a time that the fire of Summer (yang time) has burnt down and there’s a sense that we are at the fulcrum of yang/yin time. It neither feels the Summer and yang, fire time anymore and it hasn't yet changed over to Autumn and the yin half of year yet. 
So use this time to nurture yourself and start to slow down as a deficient Earth energy may impair your digestion and disrupt the entire organism that we owe our nourishment and vitality.
Be ONE with Earth element and late Summer-

  • Limit icy cold drink sweet consumption as too much sweet and cold drinks can disrupt the digestive system.
  • Nourish your physical body with good quality fresh fruit and vegetables (organic preferably).
  • Begin to start to incorporate warming foods such as ginger, pumpkin and fennel.
  • Take some time to yourself! This will nourish the mind. Do things that you want to do and not what others expect you to do.
  • Get connected to the Earth through gardening or being out in nature through walking (barefoot even better).
  • Start meditating as a weak Earth element causes fogginess in the head, overthinking and excessive worry. Through meditation you will calm the mind and nourish our Earth within us. 

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