Trent Banyan

·     Acupuncture

·     Esoteric Acupuncture

·     Yoga Therapy

·     Chinese Medicine 

·     Coach/ Mentor/ Guide

·     Facilitator

·     Mindfulness Trails

·     Men’s Work and Health

·     Founder of 8 Pillars of Chi Flow

·     Meditation & Breath work

Trent is a husband, father, chi and flow master who has been in private practice in Brisbane and Eumundi since the beginning of 2015. Since that time Trent has worked with Noosa Confidential a sort after private rehabilitation program as an Acupuncturist, Yoga Therapist and Mindfulness Trail Facilitator. He was also the Program Leader of Dream Catcher Rehab, a program that ran Jost Sauer’s recovery system.

Trent travelled to over 40 countries throughout his 20s and left a very well -paid job in Construction in pursuit of creating the life he desired. In 2010, Trent found his calling to move into holistic health during his time in a 1-month meditation course in Guatemala. It was a pivotal turning point in his life. He moved from a life of material abundance, alcohol, drugs and partying to a holistic lifestyle filled with yoga and meditation practices. He found the power of chi (energy) and observed how it moved through everything. The ‘chi’ highs and reaching altered states naturally, is one of the main reasons he has not turned back to his old patterns. 

Through deep self-reflection, facing of challenges and various inner work, Trent has transformed his life. He draws on his life and academic experience to support and help motivate others, help them connect to source and support persons move towards the life they wish to create. 

For those that know him, Trent is deeply loved and respected as a leader, and someone that walks the talk. Trent’s mastery is cultivating and expressing chi (energy) and does this through various techniques but most notably via his ‘8 Pillars of Chi Flow’, which is used as a guide to rapidly accelerate the energy levels of key major health pillars in ones life. He believes in looking at the person as whole, never separating the physical from mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Trent is involved in various aspects of men’s work and has years of experience facilitating yoga classes, transformational workshops and retreats.

Trent has his own practice called High on Chi and is available for 1 on 1 sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.